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20/12/2018  I am well into my project to produce a comprehensive reference hub concerning the NP-W126S battery (the Fuji X system battery). I have already posted “Powering the X-T3” which extensively examines the care and use of the battery. In the past week, I also posted “NP-W126S COUNTERFEITS: A Visual Guide to Spotting the Fakes. Soon, I will post a guide examining the differences between the NP-W126 and the NP-W126S batteries. And finally, I plan to produce a guide that objectively examines the differences between the genuine Fujifilm battery, and third party alternative batteries.


7/12/2016  My business has just been connected to the optical fibre network.  Also I have changed my site theme, (new Gold beckground) with larger and easier to read black text.  Changed tagline to “The Gnosis of Light  . . .  the Praxis of Glass.”


22/11/2016  My ability to upload is restricted, at the moment, as a consequence of a severe lightning strike in the immediate vicinity.  The exact location and nature of the problem, possibly at the local exchange, is still under investigation.


30/08/2016  Changed background image to gold-foil


23/08/2016  Published “X-E2 – Taking it to the street”.  I have been working on this for about 2 months!


4/06/2016  Gallery is now divided into 8 sections


9/05/2016  Split Folio page into several sub-folios

Added image “Late-Afternoon-Parade” to Folio B page.


6/05/2016  Added image “Seat-BackLit” to Folio Page.

Changed name of “Working” page to “Modus-Op”.

Changed name of “Image Solo” page to “Ekphrasis”

Added “Impressum” to Home Page.


20/04/2016  Folio page renamed to “Shades of Light”


4/04/2016   Added image “Seated-woman-Contre-jour” to Folio Page.



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