Basic Camera Kit

(To be updated soon!)


[ Please note that this page is out of date. It has been retained for archival purposes. A new gearlist page is in preparation, and publication is expected soon. This notice was posted 8 May 2019. ]

1   Fuji X-T1 camera + battery grip + 100mm Arca QR plate + Fujinon XF 18-55mm F2.8 lens + hood + WB cap
2   Fujinon XF 55-200mm lens + hood + White Balance cap
3   Fuji EF-X20 TTL Auto-Flash + spare batteries, mainly for slight fill flash, can be used handheld with radio trigger
4   Silica-gel (moisture absorbent) beads in vented container (purple when charged, pink when used, revitalize in oven)
5   Battery charger (with LED display) + socket adapter.
6   58mm filters (ND grad, Circular Polarizer, ND8, ND400, 4 point Star) + 62mm step-ring
7   Air blower. Its main use is to blow dust of the sensor if necessary, but also useful for blowing dust off lenses
8   Microfibre cleaning cloth (for the UV filter, not the lens)
9   Scale rulers for documenting the size or objects
10   Colour checker
11   Gossen light meter, mainly for incident flash readings
12   Radio flash trigger and receiver
13   Wired or wireless remote shutter trigger, programmable
14   LED torch (4 colour – white, red, green and blue) for night work, focus assist, and light painting
15   Wet and dry cleaning tissues (for rear display, and UV filter only – not for lenses)
16   SD card holder + 2 spare SD cards + USB 3 card reader (high speed) + SD card for utility (e.g. firmware updates)
17   Spare camera batteries (I carry 4 batteries all up –  1 in the body, 1 in the grip, and the two spares)
18   Spare hot-shoe covers, etc
19   Extended range (+5 EV) incident reading dome for light meter



Bag dimensions (fully packed):

275 mm Wide

205 mm High

170 mm Deep

Total kit weight:

3.5 kg

Camera weight (with 18-55 zoom):

1.1 kg