Minor Photo Reconstruction





What’s Involved

This small photograph was in poor condition due to:  crumpling, small tears, cutting not squared, missing corners, and small spots/stains.  The reflected surface image shows tears, crumpling and general lack of flatness.  The photo was scanned, applied to a digital canvas which encompassed all of the surviving image, vertically aligned (according to vertical reference in background), resized, missing sections cloned, tears healed or cloned, and spots/stains healed.  Due to up-sizing, the films graininess becomes more apparent.  I have maintained that graininess to remain faithful to the original.  Finally, adjustments were made to match the contrast and tonality of the original.  The final digital image is now ready for printing on gloss paper (as was the original), and framing.  This is a relatively straightforward reconstruction, and the total time involved was about two hours.