Best City Songs


1965  Summer in the city  –  The Lovin’ Spoonful

1967  Neon Rainbow  –  The Box Tops

“City lights, the pretty lights
They can warm the coldest nights
All the people going places
Smiling with the electric faces
What they find the glow erases
And what they lose the glow replaces, and life is love.”

1968  Barefoot in Baltimore  –  Strawberry Alarmclock

1972  Saturday in the park  –  Chicago

1974  Girls on the Avenue  –  Richard Clapton

1976  Another rainy day in New York City  –  Chicago

1978  Livin’ easy in the city  –  Judy Cheeks

1979  Young Blood  –  Rickie Lee Jones

1980  The modern song  –  The Numbers

1981  Streetlife  –  Randy Crawford

1982  Hot in the city  –  Billy Idol

1984  Dancing in the street  –  Matt Bianco

1985  The City of Soul  –  Eurogliders

1990  Stepping Out  –  Joe Jackson

1995  Inner City Life  –  Goldie

“Inner city life, inner city pressure
Inner city life, inner city pressure taking over me
But I won’t let go, I won’t let go
Inner city life, life, life, life…”

2002  Subway  –  Weekend Players

2008  Paris  –  Friendly Fires

2009  Empire State of Mind  –  Jay z and Alicia Keys

2012  The City  –  Madeon

“I can feel the heartbeat underneath the concrete
Just like a kick drum plays
Running in a straight line guided by the street lights
Pushing the dark away”

2017  Non-stop  –  Horrorshow