“Failing to heed the fate of Icarus,
I point my lens straight towards the Sun”

I am a photographer from Australia. Within the context of the modern Metropolis, I specialise in contre-jour photography, with a sanguine humanistic emphasis.


Trade Certificate in Optical Mechanics (Glass Lens Maker)
Bachelor of Education
Diploma of Theology
Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies
Diploma of Photo-Imaging (Distinction)


I have always been involved in photography, but I trained and worked originally as a lens maker, and later as a multi-coating technician (anti-reflection lens coatings). I worked for Carl Zeiss Australia, before taking up a teaching position with the New South Wales Department of Technical and Further Education. In recent years,  I had been teaching optical theory and manufacturing practice. Due to the decline of optical manufacturing in Australia, I left my teaching position, and became a student again, formally studying commercial photography, full-time for several years. This has been the road to my present occupation.